Covid 19
BinaxNOW Testing

BinaxNOW Use and Distribution

Del Norte County Public Health has received BinaxNOW, the new antigen testing system for COVID-19, supplies and are making them available to clinics and organizations who are the most in need.

This device is a simple test card utilizing a lateral flow assay for protein components of SARS-CoV-2. It is the most simple of the current designs of antigen testing products, as it does not require an electronic reader. The card undergoes a characteristic color change, much like a strep assay or pregnancy test.

The test has excellent agreement with PCR testing, and a positive test in a symptomatic person during the first 7 days of symptoms is a reasonable presumptive positive case. Negative tests are less certain. Del Norte County Public Health strongly recommends PCR testing concurrently with BinaxNOW whenever possible, either at the same time or within a day. 



Hospitals, walk-in clinics, FQHCs, tribal health clinics, SNFs, and long-term health care facilities are being prioritized. Locally, we also see a need in jails, schools, and first responder organizations. In order to help us distribute these supplies appropriately, we ask that you complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the BinaxNOW Use and Distribution Survey

  2. Complete the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Training and the BinaxNOW Training Certification for each person who will be conducting tests then return the certification to 

  3. Each entity that receives BinaxNOW supplies from Del Norte County Public Health must report results no later than the day following testing, including weekends, and must sign the BinaxNOW Reporting Attestation and submit the attestation to


BinaxNOW Reporting

All entities performing SARS-CoV-2 POC tests, including antigen tests, are required to report ALL test results. The CalREDIE Manual Lab Reporting Module (MLRM) can be used to meet these reporting requirements. CalREDIE is the statewide reportable condition reporting system. MLRM allows users to report results for each patient tested directly to the local health department where the patient resides. 

Steps to Report via CalREDIE MLRM:

  1. Complete the CalREDIE Manual Lab Reporting Account Request Form. Each person who will be reporting results must complete this form. 

  2. Submit completed account form to

  3. CalREDIE Helpdesk will process the account and send the user his/her login credentials

  4. Review the CalREDIE Manual Lab Reporting Quick Start Guide. This guide walks the user through how to log in and submit a result in the MLRM. 

  5. Login to the CalREDIE MLRM and begin submitting results. 

  6. Contact with any questions. 

BinaxNOW Supply Request


The process for requesting replenishing supplies is coming soon. Please email with any questions or requests at this time.