Covid 19

As we move through reopening, updated information will be provided, including local variances from the state's reopening plan. Once state guidance is posted for the sector, businesses may reopen. For the most updated information, refer to industry-specific guidance.

Reopening Businesses

Local businesses can now apply to reopen on a gradual basis consistent with state and local guidelines. The reopening of businesses will occur in several stages and cohorts, but businesses can complete a COVID-19 Operations Plan now in preparation for when their sector reopens.


1. Review State Industry Specific Guidance


Businesses need to review the statewide guidance for their industry to ensure they are able to meet standards to create a low-risk environment for workers and customers. Statewide guidance can be found on the state website


2. Complete a COVID-19 Operations Plan


Businesses should use the following documents to help them complete and submit a COVID-19 Operations Plan for their business or organization:


*These documents have been updated to reflect statewide guidance and have replaced the old forms as of June 11, 2020. 

3. Submit the COVID-19 Operations Plan to Public Health

COVID-19 Operations Plans must be submitted to the local public health department to be reviewed and approved. Completed plans should be submitted for approval electronically to: 


or mailed to:


Del Norte County Public Health
400 L Street
Crescent City, CA 95531

4. Ready to Reopen

When the correct sector is open and a business has submitted a COVID-19 Operations Plan to Public Health for review and approval, that business is "Ready to Reopen." They may self-certify their location and reopen with pending approval of the COVID-19 operations plan. They should print the Self-Certification Window Placard and place it in a window or where it can be easily viewed by the public. Businesses should maintain a log if possible including customer or participant name, contact information, and time of visit. 

5. Certified to Open


After Public Health has reviewed the COVID-19 Operations Plan and has approved, the business will be contacted by Public Health or by a representative of Public Health. It is unknown at this point how long the review process will take. 

A certificate will be given to the business, stating that the business's COVID-19 Operations Plan has been approved and that the location is certified to open and has met all requirements of COVID-19 transmission mitigation and is "Certified to Open." This certification should be placed where it can be easily viewed by the public. 

Businesses that are open consistent with the reopening stages will be prioritized for approval. Businesses that are not yet allowed to open will be given notification of approval of their plan, but will not be allowed to open until the stage their sector is in is opened.


Please know that plans should be available upon request. 

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